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Author: Markus Pfahler

Benefizkonzert in Fabrik am 29.12.2023. Bericht & Bilder

On this memorable night of December 29, 2023, hand2hand Sport & Bildung e.V. orchestrated a Benefit Concert at Fabrik Bruchsal, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the attendees. With an impressive turnout of over 350 people, the event surpassed expectations, emerging as a resounding success that echoed far beyond the walls of the venue.

The atmosphere at Fabrik Bruchsal was nothing short of magical, brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm. The resounding success of the Benefit Concert can be attributed to the collective efforts of the foundation members, sponsors, and the generous audience who contributed to the cause. The event not only raised substantial donations but also garnered immense support for the Foundation’s mission.

Adding to the evening’s allure were two exceptional cover bands, Mamalauda and Kraichgau Boys, whose performances captivated the audience with their talent and energy. Their renditions breathed new life into classic hits, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

The founder and chairman of h2h Sport & Bildung e.V., Richard Agbonifo, seized the opportunity to address the audience and share the aims and goals of the organization. With passion and conviction, he spoke about the urgent need to combat child labor, child hawking, and child neglect in Nigeria. Agbonifo emphasized the importance of solidarity and support from fellow Germans to make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

In a touching and unexpected turn of events, Richard Agbonifo took to the stage to showcase his musical talents. The audience was treated to his renditions of “Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams and a soulful rendition of “Angels” by Robbie Williams. The founder’s heartfelt performance added a personal touch to the evening, resonating with the audience and reinforcing the commitment of the foundation.

Thanks to the generous donations of the attendies, the foundation is enable to extend their support to even more children in need. As a direct result of the Benefit Concert, h2h proudly announced the addition of eight more children to its scholarship program in Abuja, Nigeria.

The closing moments of the concert were marked by a crescendo of positive energy, with attendees dancing and celebrating the success of the event. Fueled by the triumph of the Benefit Concert, Richard Agbonifo expressed its determination to build on this success by organizing a similar event annually. This commitment reflects the foundation’s dedication to creating lasting change and fostering a brighter future for the children they aim to support.

In conclusion, the Hand2Hand Foundation’s Benefit Concert on December 29, 2023, at Fabrik Bruchsal was an extraordinary night filled with music, philanthropy, and shared commitment. The resounding success of the event not only showcased the power of collective action but also laid the foundation for a tradition of annual concerts that will continue to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Mama Lauda


Unser Besuch im Löwenrot Gymnasium

Im Rahmen eines Informations- und Bildungsbesuchs besuchte der Vorstand des Vereins Hand2Hand Sport und Bildung e.V., Herr Richard Agbonifo, das Löwenrot Gymnasium in St. Leon-Rot. Ziel des Besuchs war es, die Schülerinnen und Schüler über die aktuelle Situation in Abuja, Nigeria zu informieren und über die wertvolle Arbeit des Vereins in dieser Region zu berichten.

Herr Agbonifo hielt einen lebendigen und informativen Vortrag über das tägliche Leben, die Herausforderungen und Hoffnungen der Kinder in Abuja. Er zeigte auf, wie Bildung und Sport als Mittel genutzt werden können, um positive Veränderungen in den Gemeinschaften zu bewirken. Mit bewegenden Bildern und Geschichten brachte er den Kindern die Realitäten in Abuja näher und sensibilisierte sie für die Dringlichkeit des Engagements in der Region.

Der Verein Hand2Hand Sport und Bildung e.V. setzt sich intensiv für die Unterstützung von Kindern in Abuja durch Bildungsstipendien und Sportprogramme ein. Herr Agbonifo erklärte, wie diese Stipendien es begabten, aber benachteiligten Kindern ermöglichen, ihre Schulbildung fortzusetzen und ihre Träume zu verwirklichen. Darüber hinaus betont er die transformative Kraft des Sports und wie der Verein durch Sportprogramme den Gemeinschaftssinn, Teamarbeit und Selbstwertgefühl bei den Kindern in Abuja fördert.

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler des Löwenrot Gymnasiums zeigten sich tief berührt von den Schilderungen und äußerten großes Interesse daran, wie sie selbst einen Beitrag leisten können. Es wurden Ideen für zukünftige Partnerschaftsprojekte und gemeinsame Aktionen besprochen.

New Partnership with Intersport Schlenker Brings Positive Energy and Support for Underprivileged Athletes in Nigeria

If you’re searching for a place brimming with positive energy, look no further than our newest partner, Intersport Schlenker, located in Bruchsal. After learning that we could not transport used shoes or sports clothes to Nigeria, we found a like-minded partner in Intersport Schlenker to help bridge that gap. They are generously donating new sports gear to children and less privileged athletes in Nigeria. I am incredibly proud of the support and act of kindness shown by Intersport Schlenker, and I eagerly anticipate a positive and fruitful partnership. Through this collaboration, we can contribute to ensuring that children have the opportunity to be children, while also providing education and sports opportunities for those in need. Together, we are working to end child hawking in Nigeria and create a brighter future for these young athletes.

Hand2Hand Sport & Bildung e.V. Receives Tremendous Support from Junglöwen for Collection Campaign

For the second time, Richard Agbonifo Hand2Hand Sport & Bildung e.V. was invited to Junglöwen for a collection campaign, and the response was nothing short of outstanding. The unwavering support received from the community continues to amaze and inspire us.

In May, Richard Agbonifo Hand2Hand Sport & Bildung e.V. will travel to Nigeria with the majority of the donations collected over the past few months, distributing these gifts to those in need. We are committed to showcasing the impact of these donations and ensuring everyone is aware of their origins.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign’s success, including Alexandros Bossertiakos, Tobi Scholtes, Kai Henninger, and the fantastic club, Junglöwen. Together, we are working to create a better future for children in Nigeria, ensuring they have the opportunity to be children and putting an end to child labor.

Junglöwen unterstützen am Samstag Sammelaktion für „hand2hand“

Jetzt ist gerade eine gute Zeit, die Kleider- und Schuhschränke auszumisten. Denn die Junglöwen unterstützen den Verein „hand2hand Sport & Bildung e.V.“ und sammeln am Heimspieltag am Samstag, 19. November in der Trainingshalle Kronau Handball-Klamotten und Schuhe für den guten Zweck

Der Verein fördert und unterstützt Jugendliche aus Nigeria in den Bereichen Sport und Bildung. Gegründet wurde der Verein von Richard Agbonifo, einem deutschen Ex-Profi-Handballer aus Nigeria, der auch einst Gegenspieler von Alexander Bossert war. Der Löwen-Drittligacoach initiierte die Sammelaktion am Samstag. Die erste Partie startet um 11 Uhr – um 20 Uhr wird das Drittligamatch der Löwen gegen den TVS Baden-Baden angepfiffen. Während dieser Zeit ist der Verein vor Ort und es können die Spenden abgegeben werden.

HSG Bruchsal-Untergrombach supports H2H

HSG Bruchsal-Untergrombach supports its former women’s coach Richard Agbonifo in his newly founded association “Richard Agbonifo hand2hand Sport & Bildung e.V.”. The aim of Richie’s work is to help children in his home country Nigeria to develop their potential through sport and education. To this end, the organisation awards scholarships to less privileged children and gives children access to sport, which is not a matter of course in Nigeria as we know it here.
Be part of it! How? It’s simple. Collect sportswear and sports shoes that you no longer need but could still be used. Bring them to HSG training within the next two weeks or to the big home game weekend in the Bruchsal sports hall on 10/11 December at the latest. Richie will be there on Saturday with his information stand and is looking forward to your visit.

Find out more at:

Scholarship for Chidera, Kelvin and Joseph

We are proud to offer a scholarship to Chidera until she finishes secondary school. We are happy to see that she will not be hawking anymore and will concentrate on her studies. She loves volleyball and we will help and encourage her in her love for this sport.

We will also offer a scholarship to Kelvin and Joseph, who both love to play handball and football. They will also be supported until they finish secondary school.

FV Graben donates over 50 jerseys

The support for H2H Sport & Bildung e.V. continues to grow, and we are thrilled to share that we have received a donation of over 50 jerseys, or 4 sets of jerseys, for the children from FV Graben. This generous contribution will undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of young athletes in Abuja, Nigeria.

We are immensely grateful for this act of kindness and are excited to see the positive impact these jerseys will have on the young athletes’ experiences. A heartfelt thank you to FV Graben for their generosity and commitment to making a difference in the lives of these children.

We sponsored 4 AMAC under 12/15 boys and girls teams taking part in the championship in Abuja in May

The sponsorship package which is about 700,000 Naira includes brand new jerseys for all 4 teams, feeding during the championship and allowances.

Balls and Equipments worth 90,000 Naira for all 4 teams to assist in Training were also donated

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