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Prologue of the 1st Chairman

Our mission and vision is to help children in developing countries and in Nigeria reach their true potential through sport and education by providing scholarships to less privileged children and equipping young athletes. My name is Richard Agbonifo. I finished high school in Abuja, then moved to Italy where I played a professional handball career for years. I then continued my career as a player in Germany.

After my active career and a completed education as a logistics specialist, I was always looking for a way to give something back to my country of origin. That’s why we founded this association.

Richard Agbonifo

Chairman & Founder

We support


A public school in Abuja-Nigeria costs “only” about 150 euros per child per year. This amount covers uniform, shoes, books and all necessary fees. The children we help come from less privileged backgrounds where families cannot afford the necessary expenditure on education. Most of these children do not go to school or have to work as soon as they get home. This is common in Nigeria and throughout Africa. The Richard Agbonifo Hand2Hand Foundation in Nigeria informs people about its goals through radio, television and newspapers. By doing this, we want to get the government’s attention and make child labour and neglect a serious issue.


Supporting children and helping them to develop their sporting talents is one of our main concerns at hand2hand Sport & Bildung e.V..

In Germany, it is quite normal to do sports at a young age. We want to promote this mentality and culture in Nigeria. The association wants to support many teams of all sports, from handball and basketball to boxing and athletics. We provide jerseys and shoes for training and competition.

We would like to start projects where we renew damaged and poorly built sports grounds. With YOUR HELP we can make a big improvement in the lives of many children and give them a new perspective.

Our members all work on a voluntary basis. However, in order to be able to provide targeted support, we also have to set up structures in Germany (e.g. storage, transport to Nigeria, bookkeeping). For us, the highest priority is that the majority of the donations reach the children in Nigeria. Therefore, we try to keep the costs in Germany as low as possible. It is important for us to work transparently.

Poverty is unfortunately a reality in many African countries. But I believe that if you give the children the opportunity to help themselves, you can offer them a more fulfilling future.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Team Germany

Richard Agbonifo

1st Chairman & Founder

Markus Pfahler

2nd Chairman & Secretary

Stefan Fink


Hedwig Schmitt

Founding member

Tobias Friedrich

Founding member

Andrea Hörner-Epple

Founding member

Johanna Osswald

Founding member

Kai Neulen

Founding member

Team Nigeria

Richard Agbonifo

1st Chairman & Founder

Emmanuel Oku

Vice Chairman

Bassey Ekanem


Edith Oku



Member/Scholarship Secretary