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Our Mission

This Richard Agbonifo hand2hand foundation for Sport and Education is officially a non-Governmental–Organisation (NGO). It was founded with the intention of making sports and education an intergral part of our childrens lives in Nigeria. By doing so, ensuring that they excel in sports and education. Giving them the tools to do so. Talking about balls, sport shoes, Scholarships which includes books, uniforms, school fees and lots more. Ensuring that they make it to training, working hand in hand with the coaches, sport officials that they have a quality training worthy of international standards. H2H goes beyond the kids, for the future, we plan to train teachers, sponsor competions and send coaches to coaching courses so that they can render quality training and education to the children.

The vision to start this foundation started after I saw the kids in training, in dusty or inadequate courts with inadequate equipment, playing bare foot or with inadequate shoes and no regular or constant training, also seeing children at very young age hawking from place to place. There are lots of talented kids in Nigeria, but they don´t have the support and encouragements they deserve. My aim and objective here is get the funding and the necessary equipment from shoes, training kits, protective gears and balls. Organize competitions and sponsor teams to be able to compete in a higher level. By organizing „pick up buses “to take the kids to and from training, feeding them from time to time. Help create a structure of high standard daily training routine within the sports organizations. Create an awareness to this problem from the state to federal Government level in Abuja-Nigeria, talking about making the wellbeing of our children a priority in our world of politics.


There are not enough competitions to keep a high standard of sport in this country, thats why my ultimate aim is to ensure that a league is started in every age group in ALL SPORTS. From the under age to senior club level. To get that done the athlets have to be in constant training, at least 3 time a week and game should be played every weekend. That means the athletes have to be equiped with sports shoes, jerseys, training kits, transportation to training, coaching seminars and training for the officials etc. If we do this we shall start to see the rise in our level of participation in any international competition. Doing this we also arouse the interests of foreign nations i.e. Germany, who will want to explore the new found Appeal of Nigerian sportsmanship in the world. These steps sound far fetched to reach but it is easy if the will and determination is encouraged. The mentality of picking the best players and leaving the rest will eventually stop.


The h2h foundation is not only limite to sports. Education is an intergral part of our aims and objectives. We are currently working on a scholarship programm aimed at helping children of disadvantaged families, by paying for school fees, uniforms and school shoes. We also sponsor players who have parent with financial problems caused by unemployment, widowed, single parents etc. We are committed to fighting against hawking by children and child labour. Taking child labour seriously is not something we can do, but something we MUST do:

Changing from this…

…to this…

…and this.

Getting these kids off the streets, when i say „off the streets“, i mean hawking and manual labor also known as child labor and helping them achieve their dreams. H2H foundation is also going to encourage these kids to choose a sport they like and we shall help them reach their true potential in that disciplin. Joining the fight against child labor is not going to be easy, because there is hardship in this country that cannot be ignored. Parents have to make ends meet, even if it involves sending their children, who are in some cases not even 12 years old to go and work.

These parents may not have a choice, but with our and your assistance, we shall give them one.

We want children to be children and h2h foundation intend to pioneer this initiative. We understand the cause of this dilemma, parents have to make ends meet, thats why we do not put blame on them but try to understand and assist, at least taking some of the burden away from them.